Chawan (Matcha Bowl) "Aequorea"

    Chawan (Matcha Bowl) "Aequorea"

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    This chawan gets its name from the “crystal jelly,” a bioluminescent jellyfish of the Puget Sound in Washington State. The pattern on this bowl reflects the image of this jellyfish lighting up the dark ocean waters of the eastern Pacific.

    A deep, cylindrically-shaped Chawan helps in whisking by providing ample room for the Chasen to move back and forth. (This movement is necessary to produce froth and dissolve the Matcha powder.) Its robust shape also sits nicely in both hands.

    These chawans are accompanied by a green paperboard gift box for storage.

    NOTE: All Chawan of this design are hand-painted. Variation exists between all Chawan, making each one unique. The Chawan delivered may not appear exactly as pictured, but will be crafted in the same style, shape, and spirit.

    Care Instructions: Hand-wash only. NOT dishwasher-safe.