Sencha Fuji Midori (50g)

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Fuji Midori is a sibling of Shizu-7132, our previously featured single cultivar, with the developmental name of Shizu-7224 before being named in 1962. It was chosen as one of the first 7000 series plants to be named and commercially propagated due to its distinguished unique flavor that is incredibly vegetal with a strong aroma of freshly cut grass. Today, it is quite uncommon to find Fuji Midori, as it is one of the lesser grown cultivars. 

Our Fuji Midori is coming from Taruwaki-san, a 2nd generation tea farmer, whose secret to making incredible tea is ensuring that the tea field is in symbiosis with nature. His farm, located in mountainous Kawane, Shizuoka, has been operating with no use of pesticides since 1990 and no chemical fertilizers since 2002. (Full organic since 2002) The average elevation of his fields are 630m (just over 2,000 ft). The mountains of Kawane have produced many national award-winning teas. The town lies along the Ooi River, offering plentiful water and abundant nutrients. Meanwhile, the regular temperature difference of 18°F between day and night helps to make delightfully aromatic tea.


Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Limited Edition
  • Size: 50g
  • Style: Chumushi (Medium-Steamed)
  • Season: Spring harvest 2020
  • Aroma: Strong lawnmower clippings aroma with subtle notes of manju and jackfruit
  • Body: Thick-thick
  • Flavor: Very vegetal, rich umami, flavor notes of brussel sprouts and asparagus
  • Liquor: Pale yellow-green
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