Single-Cultivar Sencha Asanoka LIMITED EDITION

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Origin:Kagoshima, Japan


Asanoka is a special cultivar with a unique fragrance. This tea’s name means “morning aroma,” but is sometimes called “senkou ka” which means “incense aroma”. The brewed tea has a pronounced scent that is reminiscent of a white peach fruit pie with a hint of aonori (Japanese seaweed). Grown almost exclusively in Kagoshima prefecture, Asanoka is the result of a cross between Yabukita and a Chinese tea cultivar.

Our Organic Asanoka is single estate and grown in volcanic ash based soil by the Kawaji family. Kawaji-san takes extra care with his tea fields, growing his plants with a special fermented organic fertilizer that he makes himself. The region of Kagoshima where it was grown has a high temperature difference between day and night which helps the tea develop a deeper flavor that is vegetal and umami with a light sweetness and without much bitterness.


Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 1 Tbsp (5g)
Icon of Water Droplet 10 oz
Icon of Stopwatch 1-2 min
Icon of Thermometer 175 °F

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Net Weight: 50g
  • Style: Fukamushi (Deep-Steamed)
  • Season: Spring harvest 2022
  • Aroma: Grassy with white peach fruit pie notes and a hint of aonori (Japanese seaweed)
  • Liquor: Pale yellow-green
  • Flavor: Bold, rich vegetal umami, with notes of asparagus, a sweetness of honeysuckle, and a hint of mustard greens
  • Finish: light astringency
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in foil bag

Product Reviews

2 reviews  |  Write a Review

Single-Cultivar Sencha Asanoka LIMITED EDITION

Yet another elegant Sencha, with its own unique profile. It pairs nicely with silence.

Another amazing single-cultivar tea

Sugimoto continues to deliver amazing single-cultivar teas and this one is no different. This one tastes like an excellent sencha with mellow sweet flavors, just right astringency and very little bitterness. I loved the sweet notes I was able to extract with cold brewing. Thank you for offering this delicious tea.

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