Single-Cultivar Sencha Fuushun LIMITED EDITION

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Origin:Kagoshima, Japan


Fuushun was named “Rich Spring (富春)'' for its wonderfully rich flavor. The flavor has been likened to the fullness and abundance of the New Year, which in Japan, traditionally begins with the start of spring. This particular cultivar has a lower environmental impact due to its naturally high yields when compared to the ever-popular Yabukita cultivar, even when utilizing significantly less fertilizer. The dry leaf has a bright, floral aroma with a sweet passion fruit note. When brewed, it has a pale yellow-green, juicy liquor that gives way to a buttery mouthfeel and finishes with a gentle astringency.

Our Organic Fuushun was grown by the Kawaji family in Kagoshima. This family has been growing organic teas since 1988 and even make their own slightly fermented fertilizer. They pride themselves in being one of the few farms that focus on making delicious Fukamushi teas, rather than light-steamed teas that look “pretty”. Although not grown at high altitude, the tea fields are surrounded by mountains. This causes a big temperature difference between day and night, leading to a more profound aromatic experience. The local volcanic ash-based soils allow for good drainage, which is vital for growing healthy tea plants.


Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 1 Tbsp (5g)
Icon of Water Droplet 10 oz
Icon of Stopwatch 1-2 min
Icon of Thermometer 175 °F

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Net Weight: 50g
  • Style: Fukamushi (Deep-Steamed)
  • Season: Spring harvest 2022
  • Aroma: Bright floral aroma with sweet passion fruit note
  • Liquor: Clear pale yellow-green, buttery mouth feel, finishing with light astringency
  • Flavor: Grassy with an overtone of warm milk, finishing with a hint of hazelnut. Light bitterness
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in foil bag
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