Chasen made by Sabun Kubo

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Origin:Nara, Japan


Chasens are the traditional tool used to whisk matcha in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the best tool to make frothy matcha. This whisk is handcrafted by Sabun Kubo of the Kubo Studio from a single piece of bamboo. The Kubo Studio, a family business now in its 24th generation, has been passing on the tradition of bamboo whisk-making since the Muromachi Period (over 500 years ago). These chasen are made in the Takayama area of Nara Prefecture, the cultural capital for the production of traditional matcha accessories. The quality of a chasen is determined by the skill of the chasen-maker and the character of the bamboo. According to Mr. Sabun, "Bamboo grown in a moderately harsh environment becomes excellent in quality, just like people." Each chasen is hand-made by Mr. Sabun, using only traditional tools in the entire production process. Sabun Kubo has received The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette from the Imperial House of Japan in 2016. Care Instructions: 1. Before using your chasen for the first time, soak the whisk in hot water for 5 minutes to unfurl the tips. 2. Afterwards, before each use, soak the chasen in hot water for 1-2 minutes before whisking to soften the tines. 3. After making matcha, rinse the chasen in clean water to remove excess matcha and dry it in a well-ventilated place. 4. Avoid use of detergents. NOT dishwasher-safe. 5. To keep your chasen in the best condition for as long as possible, use a kusenaoshi when drying to preserve the shape of the chasen tines. Made in Japan


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  • Artisan Made Bamboo Matcha Whisk
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