Chashaku made by Sabun Kubo

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Origin:Nara, Japan


Made in Japan by Sabun Kubo A bamboo scoop is traditionally used to measure matcha for serving, and is an integral part of the Japanese tea ceremony. This chashaku is made from a dark bamboo for an elegant accent to your matcha set. One moderate scoop of matcha is equivalent to roughly 1/2 gram. Generally, two scoops are used for one serving (1g). About Sabun Kubo: The Kubo studio, a family business now in its 24th generation, has been passing on the tradition of bamboo matcha accessory making since the Muromachi Period (over 500 years ago). These chashaku are made in the Takayama area of Nara Prefecture, a cultural center of production for traditional matcha accessories. Sabun Kubo received The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette from the Imperial House of Japan in 2016. Care Instructions: Wipe with a clean cloth. Dampen cloth if necessary. Avoid use of detergents. NOT dishwasher-safe.


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  • Artisan Made Bamboo Matcha Scoop
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