Chasen Made By Sabun Kubo

    Chasen Made By Sabun Kubo

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    Artist: Sabun Kubo
    Made in Nara, Japan

    This bamboo whisk can be used to prepare all varieties of Matcha. Whisking is required to properly dissolve Matcha and produce that characteristic froth. Whisk in a Chawan (tea bowl) or other deep bowl for best results.

    The Kubo studio, a family business now in its 24th generation, has been passing on the tradition of bamboo whisk-making since the Muromachi Period (over 500 years ago). These chasen are made in the Takayama area of Nara Prefecture, a cultural center of production for traditional matcha accessories.

    The quality of a chasen is determined by the skill of the chasen-maker and the character of the bamboo. According to Mr. Sabun, "Bamboo grown in a moderately harsh environment becomes excellent in quality, just like people." Each chasen is hand-made by Mr. Sabun, using only traditional tools in the entire production process.

    Sabun Kubo received The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette from the Imperial House of Japan in 2016.

    NOTE: Tine tips will unfurl upon first use. Store with tines facing up or place on a whisk holder to protect tines and maintain shape.

    Care Instructions:
    -Before first use, soak whisk in hot water for 2 minutes to unfurl tine tips.
    -Rinse under running water, then set out to dry.
    -Avoid use of detergents.
    -NOT dishwasher-safe"