Bulk Teas & Teabags

Different businesses have different demands and needs. At Sugimoto America, we package our teas to meet these diverse needs. We offer loose leaf, teabags, and tea powders in bulk quantities (pre-packaged) for Teahouses, Restaurants, and Cafes.  For large volume operations, our 15-30 kg cartons are ideal.


The Sugimoto tradition of producing loose leaf green tea from local Shizuoka tea farms continues to this day. Over the years, our line-up has increased to 12 varieties of loose leaf teas and 5 varieties of tea powders. These are all either vacuum-sealed or nitrogen-flushed and sealed in 1 lb or 1/2 lb bags available to order from our Redmond, WA warehouse.


For larger orders and the most economical pricing, we provide bulk teas by the 15 kg-30 kg case (33 lbs. – 66 lbs.). Cases consist of sturdy, double-walled cardboard boxes lined with aluminum-polymer bags that are nitrogen-flushed and sealed for maximum storage life and freshness. Unopened boxes retain freshness for two years or more with proper storage.


The Sugimoto factory has the capability to produce teabags of different shapes and from different materials, including compostable teabags. We stock four different lines of teabags regularly in our Redmond, WA warehouse, including 100-count bulk packaging. For those interested in customization, we can produce your ideal teabag from your choice of materials, shape, and tea blend.


To reach one of our specialists about your tea needs, please contact us.