Organic Sencha Teabags (12ct)

    Organic Sencha Teabags (12ct)

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    • Ingredients: Green Tea
    • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
    • Net Weight: 1.0 oz (30g / 2.5g × 12)
    • Package: Box
    Pyramid teabags of premium Sencha made of organic young tea leaves harvested in spring.

    Sencha is THE Japanese green tea. It constitues over 80% of Japanese tea consumption, allowing the Japanese people to live strong and live long. Sugimoto's Organic Sencha has an initial grassy bite and a brisk finish, with an overarching subtle sweetness.

    High quality compostable teabags are supported by a longer string than other leading brands, allowing the tea to steep well in mugs and tumblers of any size.

    12 pyramid teabags in a box.
    One teabag is good for a 12 oz cup of tea.