Organic Wakoucha

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Origin:Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan


Grown in Fujieda, in Shizuoka prefecture, this Organic Wakoucha is a stunning demonstration of rare Japanese black teas. It has a clean amber red hue when brewed, and the aroma is sweet and floral hinting at the taste to come. It has a prominent juicy sweetness with notes of chrysanthemum and clove and leaves a lingering floral finish.

Our Organic Wakoucha is grown by Iizuka-san, a passionate 3rd generation tea farmer. His family is a pioneer of organic tea farming in Japan, having started using organic farming techniques nearly 50 years ago. Since the best wakoucha comes from the 2nd harvest which is the time of year when the tea plants are hardest hit by pests and because wakoucha has to wait for a year to develop its best flavor, large quantities of this premium Organic Wakoucha are hard to come by.


Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 1 Tbsp (5g)
Icon of Water Droplet 10 oz
Icon of Stopwatch 1-2 min
Icon of Thermometer 195 °F

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Organic Japanese Black Tea
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Season: Spring 2018
  • Aroma: Sweet and floral
  • Body: Juicy
  • Flavor: Sweet with notes of chrysanthemum and clove
  • Finish: Lingering floral
  • Net Weight: 1 lb (454g)
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in foil bag
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