Premium Culinary Matcha (Uji Matcha)

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Origin:Uji, Kyoto, Japan


Matcha is a powdered tencha* historically used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Our Uji Matcha is a premium culinary grade matcha with a rich vegetal fragrance, vibrant green color, smooth texture, and delicate aftertaste. You can enjoy our Uji Matcha on its own or in culinary creations.

From the time the Buddhist monk Eisai brought tea seeds from China in the 12th century, Uji in Kyoto has been producing tea for matcha. This long history, combined with the high demands for quality by the upper echelons of fuedal Japanese society, has made Uji the most famous matcha production region.

*Tencha is a minimally-processed, fluffy leaf tea produced specifically to make fresh matcha.

Find a sample of this tea here.

For more videos please go to Sugimoto Tea on Youtube. For more recipe ideas, please visit here.


Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 2g (1 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 8 oz (240 ml) Milk or Water
Icon of Stopwatch Stir well
Icon of Thermometer 185 °F

Cold Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 2g (1 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 8 oz (240 ml) Milk or Water
Icon of Stopwatch Shake or stir well
Icon of Thermometer Cold


  • Premium Culinary Matcha
  • Bulk Size Net Weight: 0.5lb (227g)
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in resealable foil bag

Product Reviews

2 reviews  |  Write a Review

Tastier, stronger, cheaper

I've been ordering the highest rated Matcha powder off Amazon. I was looking for a better deal and a friend suggested I try Sugimoto.
Upon arrival of the package, I immediately made some. This powder is half the price by weight, tastes noticeably better, and came with a handwritten note!
I will definitely be buying more!

Uji Matcha

I have had Matcha tea in the past and always enjoyed it on the ocassions when I drank it. This is the first time I purchased this tea in bulk and am very glad I did. I have a cup of it every day now and I particularly like the strength of the flavor, similar to very strong loose leaf tea. I'm enjoying the peacefulness of indulging in the smooth strength of this flavor and always looks to my cup of UM. It's great!

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