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Origin:Yame, Fukuoka, Japan


Gyokuro is a shaded green tea and considered one of the finest green teas in Japan. Infusion produces a light green color and a deep, complex flavor. Gyokuro has a unique sweetness since shade allows the tea to retain a high Theanine content.

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Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 6 oz (180 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 3-4 min
Icon of Thermometer 120-140 °F

Cold Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 6 oz (180 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 10-15 min
Icon of Thermometer Ice Water


  • Shaded Green Tea
  • Bulk Size Net Weight: 0.5 lb (227g)
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in foil bag

Product Reviews

4 reviews  |  Write a Review

Smooth & Uplifting

I just love this refreshing tea! Very relaxing effect. It is fresh and of high quality. Arigato!

My favorite morning tea!

This tea is really special. It’s so enjoyable to drink. The taste is both fresh and rich at once, with a very smooth quality, and a subtly sweet aftertaste. I drink it every morning and it keeps my mind alert all day. The ritual of preparing it, opening the bag and smelling the incredible aroma, gently pouring in the water, the anticipation of waiting a couple of minutes for it to brew, then that first delicious sip brings me such joy. Its flavor is unique and comforting. I am so happy I found Sugimoto Tea, the company has so much integrity and their customer service is top class and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend you try this tea for yourself!

Gyokuro (Shaded Tea Sampler Set)

This was my first time trying this Gyokuro and I was very pleased with this Tea. Very nice umami and vegetal flavor and a clean finish. The vegetal notes linger between sips and there was zero bitterness or astringent taste at all.
I will definitely be ordering this tea in the near future.

High EGCG green tea for our family!

Doctors said we needed to take EGCG or drink lots of green tea to combat our exercise induced inflammation and illness from mold exposure in our home. Found this tea after reading that gyokuro has the highest % of any green tea of EGCG. After looking for a good Guyokuro at a tea shop in San Fransisco I found this tea. Wonderful tea, nice packaging and hand written note. The family loves it. For us it is a life saver and part of our home health kit to reduces the inflammation and stiffness within a few hours. We are so thankful to be able to have a nice cup of tea instead of having to take more supplements.

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