Tokoname Yuzamashi <br>(Water Cooling Pot)

    Tokoname Yuzamashi
    (Water Cooling Pot)

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    Yuzamashi were developed long ago to help bring boiled water to a desirable temperature for brewing green tea, which typically requires temperatures under 180F (e.g. Sen Cha), and sometimes as low as 100F (e.g. traditional Temomi Cha, "hand-rolled tea"). The cooled water is then poured into a Kyusu teapot to brew the tea.

    Teapots of the Tokoname style, one of the six original kiln traditions in Japan, have a history dating back to Heian Period, over 900 years ago. The clay of these teapots react with tannins in tea to decrease bitterness. Imbued with the local charm of the Tokoname region, each Yuzamashi becomes more lustrous with use and comes to reflect the individual character of its owner.

    Carefully crafted in Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN

    Size: 12 oz.
    Ceramic dimensions may vary slightly between units.