Season of SAKURA

April 22, 2008 All, Tea Talk

Japanese people have special place in their heart for cherry blossoms, known in Japanese as “Sakura.”┬áThe flower is very beautiful but fleeting, only lasting for a few days out of the year. We, the Japanese, identify our own lives with the life of the cherry blossom. Also the cherry blossom season is usually in April which is when all of the schools and companies start their new year in Japan. Because of this, the cherry blossom is the symbol of a new start of life in Japanese culture.

In Japan, we have very nice cultural tradition called “Ohanami.” During Ohanami‘s, people drink alcohol under the blossoming cherry trees and have a party with family, friends, or colleagues. During this season, people go outside with their favorite alcohol, drink a lot, and get drunk like crazy. At the famous park in Tokyo, you can see hundreds of drunken people dancing under the cherry trees.

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