Do you have any plan for new year holidays?
In Japan, there is old tea tradition for new year called “Ofukucha (大福茶).” Litterally, Oh (大) means big/large, Fuku (福) means happiness and Cha (茶) means tea. Ofukucha is a cup of green tea (Sencha) which has a pickled plum and seaweed in, and people drink the tea with wishing heath and happiness of the coming year. In some region, especially in Kyoto (京都), Ofukucha is enjoyed as one of the new year’s traditional foods.
The culture of Ofukucha began in the 10th century. When people were suffering from a plague, a Buddhist monk “Kuya (空也)” made Ofukucha and saved people. Since then, people started drinking Ofukucha to pray for their health in new year.
Making Ofukucha is very easy. A pickled plum and dried seaweed can be found in almost all Asian groceries. If you look for something fun for new year, please try Ofukucha!
Umeboshi and a little piece of seaweed make a traditional Japanese new year's food called Ofukucha
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