Premium Drip Tea special tea bags now available so that you can make delicious premium Japanese green tea while on the go
Here is an example of using our premium drip tea filters to make delicious premium hojicha tea

We are very excited to announce that our new tea concept Drip Tea won the New Product Award at World Tea Expo 2011.

Drip Tea lets you enjoy the authentic green tea with no fuss. No tea pots needed. Just pour hot water into the filter placed on your cup. It brews perfectly just like brewing in a teapot. When you are done, just toss the filter. It’s that easy!
Unlike ordinary teabags, Drip Tea never brew tea too strong or too weak. Our revolutionary filter is designed to drip at a perfect speed to extract the delicious flavor of green tea.

We are introducing this new concept product at World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.
Visit us at Booth # 416 and meet our award-winning tea blender, Maestro Sugimoto. He will come from Japan just for this show.

World Tea Expo 2011
June 24 – 26, 2011
Las Vegas Convention Center

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