Young green tea leaves were harvested on May 9, 2011 for making Hachijyu Hachiya Shincha. Hachijyu Hachiya Shincha is our last Shincha (New Tea) product of 2011.

Maestro Sugimoto excitedly told us that green tea quality of this spring is excellent. “Aroma is delightful. We can enjoy delicious green tea this year. “ said Maestro.

Hachijyu Hachiya Shincha was air-shipped from Japan on May 10, and it will be delivered to those who have placed an order soon.

Only 20 units of Hachijyu Hachiya Shincha are available now.
If you want to try the freshest green tea, please visit our online store.

Tea Master Sugimoto in front of some tea fields in Shizuoka where our world famous Japanese green tea is producedBeautiful vibrant green tea fields where Shincha leaves are ready to be harvested

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