NHK‘s popular science TV program “Tameshite Gatten” broadcasted about cities of low cancer mortality and its link to green tea.

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According to studies conducted by local hospitals, universities and national research agencies, Kakegawa city in Shizuoka prefecture has the lowest rate. What’s more interesting is that 7 out of top 15 cities of low cancer mortality rate in Japan are green tea regions.
Scientists believe that catechin (antioxidant) in green tea plays a key role in low cancer mortality, and Fukamushi (deep-steamed) green tea grabbed the spotlight because Kakegawa residents drink Fukamushi green tea like water.

Sencha Fukamushi (deep-steamed) green tea has fine particles because long steaming process breaks up green tea leaves. If you have ever tried Sencha Fukamushi green tea, you must have noticed tiny particles floating in your cup. Scientists found that those particles contain great components such as β-carotene, vitamin E and chlorophyll that are not found in non-Sencha Fukamushi green tea.

SÁ Japanese Green Tea is blended with Sencha Fukamushi green Tea from Kakegawa city.

So enjoy our green tea!


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