We want to thank everyone for coming to see us at Northwest Tea Festival last weekend. The weather was great, the crowd was big, and most importantly the people’s passion for tea was wonderful!

Serving Japanese Green tea at the Northwest Tea Festival

A lady who enjoys our Genmaicha with “Ahhh”, a biker from Canada, a boy who knows so much about teas, a man in hat who carefully studies loose leaf… It is so nice to see new visitors and old faces coming back to the event.

This year, we introduced our new product – Kukicha (twig green tea).  Kukicha was still new to a lot of people.  When we made tasting samples, they were amazed how different it tasted compared to the classic green tea – Sencha.  One lady told me Kukicha could be an alternative choice for those who do not prefer the bite of typical Japanese green tea.

Surprisingly, Tokoname teapots were selling very well this year.  We had to bring more in from our warehouse on the second day of the event.  Tokoname is one of the six oldest porcelain districts in Japan.  It is made of red clay and there is no glaze on the surface.  The clay contains a lot of iron, which reacts to Tannin (bitterness) in green tea and makes tea milder.  it is a perfect teapot to brew Japanese green tea.  We used this teapot to make tasting samples.

Japanese Tokoname pots at the Northwest Tea Festival are great for Japanese Green Teas such as Sencha, Kukicha, Genmaicha, and Hojicha

Tea is HOT now and Northwest Tea Festival is growing big each year.

We look forward to seeing you all next year again!

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