Summer is over in Seattle and It seems like rainy season is around the corner.
It gets easy to be tired to stay at home this season. To enjoy this season, why don’t you start discovering the new taste of Japanese green tea together?
There are so many ways to enjoy Japanese green tea not only for drinking but also for cooking, baking and etc.
Today, I would love to introduce you a easy unique recipe with “Green tea powder”.
You might be tired of same breakfast everyday, right?
Here is your new solution!
  1. Green tea toast

Toast with butter and Japanese green tea Matcha dusted on top is a great way to energize your morning

*Bread———-1 slice
*Sencha tea powder—2 tbsp
*Butter or Margarine–as you want
1). Toast a slice of your bread
2). Spread butter or margarine as you like
3). Sprinkle Sencha tea powder
Sencha powder from Shizuoka, Japan
I used this Sencha powder which is available on the website, Sugimoto America. Sencha is now 10 % off.
  • Easy & Quick
  • Versatile application
  • Rich in anti-oxidant
  • No teabag, eco-friendly
Just mix the powder with hot/cold water and enjoy it.

Hope you enjoy this easy green tea toast. I will upload as many as recipe I can. Also, I would be really happy to share your own recipe with green tea series, Why don’t we get started together and share the recipe?
Let’s discover the new recipe of green tea.
I look forward to hearing from all of you!
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