As I mentioned before, my company started offering 8 kinds of bulk tea leaves, 3 kinds of bulk large teabag, and 3 kinds of green tea powder from the World Tea Expo. Since I blogged about it, we have received many inquiries about these teas, and now these teas are available in our online store.

For the person who is not familiar to these Japanese green teas, we offer 3 kinds of samplers.

Bulk Sampler AHere you can see our delicious Japanese green teas such as Sencha Fukamushi, Sencha Premium, Bancha, and Konacha
1. Sencha (Fukamushi)
2. Sencha Premium
3. Bancha
4. Konacha

These 4 teas have pure green flavor and loved by Japanese for centuries. If you prefer strong, green, pure flavor, this sampler is worth trying.

Bulk Sampler BHere you can see our delicious Japanese green teas such as Kukicha, Hojicha, Genmaicha without Matcha, and Genmaicha with Matcha

1. Kukicha
2. Hojicha
3. Genmaicha (without Matcha)
4. Genmaicha with Matcha

These teas are also traditional green teas in Japan and have very unique flavor. If you are tired of plain green tea, this sampler will let you find another world of green tea.

Powder SamplerAnd here you can see some special Japanese green tea powders that we have such as Sencha Powder, Hojicha Powder, and Genmaicha Powder
1. Sencha Powder
2. Hojicha Powder
3. Genmaicha Powder

These powder green tea can be used as healthy ingredients for your cooking. Please find your original recipe by using these powder.

If you have any question about these teas, please feel free to contact us.

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