Summer in Seattle is the best time to enjoy Japanese green teas such as Hojicha tea iced.Finally, summer came to Seattle. It’s about 80 degree now, and the bright sunshine shines in through the window. From my office, I could see many people eating lunch out today.

Traditionally many Japanese drink barley tea┬ácalled “Mugicha”┬áduring summer. Because it is caffeine free, many parents let their children drink barley tea. So did my mother.

Summer in Seattle is the best time to enjoy Japanese green teas such as Hojicha tea iced.Today, I love to drink iced Hojicha. Its taste is very similar to barley tea, but Hojicha has more smokey flavor. Also, Hojicha has catechin, which many studies showed its health benefits, so I can say iced Hojicha is healthier than barley tea.

It’s very easy to make iced Hojicha – just make strong hot Hojicha and put ice cubes in a cup. Or, if you would like to brew Hojicha with cold water, please use a little bit more leaves than usual and steep for 5 minutes. Cold-brew Hojicha has much sweeter than hot-brew Hojicha because theanin (sweetness) is extracted more than tannin (bitterness) in cold water. Our website has a little bit more information about the balance of theanin and tannin.

Seattle’s summer is short. I will enjoy it with iced Hojicha!

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