Happy Spring!
We are now taking pre-orders of the seasonal green tea – Shincha 新茶.

Shincha is the very first cut of green tea of the season, and and it is the most sought-after seasonal tea in Japan.  Shincha is technically same as Sencha 煎茶, which is made of only young tea leaves. But only the tea harvested in early spring is traditionally called “Shincha”.

We offer three kinds of Shincha:
This is not our regular items and availability is limited due to its exclusiveness.
Reserve you Shincha today!

How Japanese Green Tea is Made
Temomi Shincha
Temomi Shincha is one of the most premium and rare Japanese green teas. The word “Temomi” means hand-rolled. From the meticulous picking of the best young tea leaves to the final process of kneading the leaves to fine needles, the whole practice is done by the hands of elite Temomi masters.  This tea is truly a special tea and the taste is like none other.

Hashiri Shincha
The word “Hashiri” means “early season” in Japanese.  This tea is produced from very young and soft leaves harvested in late April. Enjoy the taste of Spring!

Hachiju Hachiya Shincha
“Hachiju Hachiya” means “88 nights”.  Traditionally, this tea is harvested on the 88th days since the first day of spring.  Tea leaves are more mature and has the perfect balance of sweetness and astringency.

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