We have been blessed with the gorgeous weather this spring in Shizuoka, Japan.  The tea leaves grew so well and healthy, and the harvest took place earlier than we first foretasted.  The best fresh leaves were hand-picked and made into the Temomi Shincha on April 16th.

The Temomi Shincha is one of the most premium and rare Japanese green teas. The word “Temomi” means hand-rolled. From the meticulous picking of the best young tea leaves to the final process of kneading the leaves to fine needles, the whole practice is done by the hands of elite Temomi masters.

Making the Temomi Shincha requires a considerable amount of time from practitioners of great skill and experience. A method used in Japan centuries ago, the Temomi technique is vanishing due to the adoption of today’s machines to mass-produce tea.  Here at Sugimoto America, we undertake the responsibility of preserving this traditional art to provide you this precious tea.

The Temomi Shincha’s flavor is thick, dense, and intense.  It has an amazing aftertaste like none other but without an edge.  Because of such profound flavor, the Temomi Shincha is consumed in small amounts, very much akin to enjoying a rich and strong flavored espresso.

Even if you are an experienced green tea drinker, the Temomi Shincha stills can bring you a surprise.

Here’s the pictures how the Temomi Shincha from 2013 was made.

Farmers are carefully hand-picking the very young tea leaves.

How Japanese Green Tea is made

Crucial steaming process is handled by the senior master.

How Japanese Green Tea is made

Temomi masters begin the long-hour process with warm smile on their faces.
How Japanese Green Tea is made

 Tea leaves are gradually formed into needle shape.How Japanese Green Tea is made

Skilled experience comes into play.How Japanese Green Tea is made

After long hours, beautiful Temomi Shincha is completed.How Japanese Green Tea is made

Thank you, Temomi Cha Masters, for making such precious tea!How Japanese Green Tea is made

This Temomi Shincha is on its way.  Reserve one for yourself at our online store!


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