When taking our Japanese green teas to New York City we were met with a huge snowstormWhen taking our Japanese green teas to New York City we were met with a huge snowstormInternational Restaurant & Foodservice Show of NY was held from February 28 to March 2. To meet my customers in NY, I flied to JFK on February 24, and that was my mistake. On February 26, 4th biggest snow in 141 years hit Manhattan! 20.9 inches reported at the Central Park!! My country in Japan, Shizuoka, is very warm and rarely have snow, so this was my 1st experience to have such a huge snow storm – I was very lucky (or unlucky).

The BOZU restaurant in New York serves a Hojicha pudding using our Hojicha Powder- it's deliciousLet me introduce one of our customers in NY – BOZU Restaurant in Brooklyn. They are serving our teas and have very unique dessert – Hojicha Pudding. It had slight Hojicha flavor with very soft texture. I really love it. If you have chance to visit Brooklyn, please visit Bozu and try Hojicha Pudding.

At the food show we showed off our sencha, genmaicha, and hojicha teas including our sencha and hojicha powders!Sencha powder is becoming popular at sushi restaurantsAt the end, International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of NY ended with a huge success. Japan Pavillion of this show was the largest Japan Pavillion ever, and there were so many people visiting to try Japanese specialty foods. We served more than thousand cups of tea samples and received many positive feedbacks. Especially, our new products – Sencha Powder and Genmaicha Powder attracted a lot of attention of restaurant buyers. Sencha Powder and Genmaicha Powder are very easy ways to serve delicious green tea. You just need to mix it with hot or cold water. In Japan, these powder teas are recognized as “eco-friendly tea” and start being used in many Sushi restaurants.

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