Tea of The Month for March

Ochazuke means “Submerging into tea”. (The Japanese Kanji Ocha=tea and zuke =submerging)
Ochazuke is made by pouring Genmai Cha or Sen Cha on a bowl of rice. You can always add something on the top to give it a personal twist, like grilled salmon or some traditional Japanese pickles. By adding some additional toppings, it gives a variety of salty flavors that enlightens your taste buds. All Sen Cha and Genmai Cha loose leaf products are 20% off for National Nutrition Month March.

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SA’s Favorite Ochazuke Recipe

- Rice
- Salty Grilled Salmon
- Hot Water
- Loose Leaf Genmai Cha

(1)Boil water.
(2)While waiting for the water to boil, place some rice in a bowl depending on your appetite.
(3)Add the salty grilled salmon on top of the rice.
(4)When the water is ready, make some Genmai Cha and pour the tea on top of the rice.
(5)When you see your rice submerging in nourishing tea… Bon appetit.
Genmai Cha
Genmai Cha