Sugimoto Reserve Homare Sencha

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Origin:Shizuoka, Japan


Homare Sencha is one of the Sugimoto family's most premium teas, made entirely from the best of the best spring harvest Yabukita leaves grown in southwestern Shizuoka. "Homare" means "Pride" and is our highest grade sencha. This unique fukamushi style sencha is reminiscent of green beans and asparagus, rich and brothy with a striking spring sweetness. Given our signature high heat final roast, this tea leaves a rich lingering finish.

Recommended Brewing: As this is a premium sencha, we recommend using a small Japanese kyusu and steeping at a lower temperature than is normal for most other senchas.

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Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 8 oz (240 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 30-60 sec
Icon of Thermometer 170 °F

Cold Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 8 oz (240 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 10 min
Icon of Thermometer Ice water


  • Deep steamed high grade sencha
  • Net Weight: 1.0 oz (30g)
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed foil bag inside reusable tin

Product Reviews

3 reviews  |  Write a Review

Homare Sencha

This is the finest Sencha I have ever had. Pure elegance.

Exceptional Sencha

I wanted to try a premium grade Japanese sencha tea. This tea is all about experiencing the aroma of the tea leaves and it’s wonderful lingering taste. I use a kyusu teapot to brew mine and enjoy it in the afternoon. It’s an excellent choice and a new favorite of my Sugimoto tea collection.

Reserve Homare Sencha

If I were to describe Homare Sencha in 3 words they would be RICH, UMAMI, and BROTHY. My favorite Sugimoto Reserve Homare Sencha has plenty of umami, reminiscent of oiled and roasted asparagus and steamed edamame with a long heavy finish that coats the tongue and lingers along with a slight sweetness. If your palate leans towards rich and deep flavors with a heavy mouthfeel, than this might be worth a try.

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