Kochi Ceremonial Matcha

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Derived from the Japanese word for "eastern wind," Kochi embodies the essence of the spring season. This luscious ceremonial matcha was crafted exclusively from leaves of the first flush. Its name was inspired by the image of vivid green young tea leaf buds blown gently by the eastern spring breeze as winter comes to an end and new life begins. Kochi is best enjoyed when prepared traditionally as whisked matcha, but can also be used to make a more luxurious latte.  


Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 1g (1/2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 3 oz (90 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch Whisk until frothy
Icon of Thermometer 185 °F

Cold Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 2g (1 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 8 oz (240 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch Shake or stir well
Icon of Thermometer Ice water


  • Limited Edition
  • High Grade Ceremonial Matcha
  • Origin: Yame, Fukuoka
  • Net Weight: 30g
  • First Flush Matcha
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in reusable tin

Product Reviews

2 reviews  |  Write a Review


Creamy and soft with notes of brown rice and hay. Made as koicha, it's more reminiscent of 100% dark chocolate.

- Unknown


The kochi matcha is a great matcha. The notes are a deep and pleasant umami, a creamy finish, and a bright vegetal note that lasts on the tongue. No astringency and a very subtle chocolate note. It’s light and a great embodiment of the season of spring.

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