Seafoam Chawan

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The seafoam green lacquer with white accents summons images of ocean waves lightly passing over a sandy shore. The white base clay adds vitality to the ocean imagery, while the white wave breaks playfully compliment the rich foam of the matcha within.

A deep, cylindrically-shaped Chawan helps in whisking by providing ample room for the Chasen to move back and forth. (This movement is necessary to produce froth and dissolve the Matcha powder.) Its robust shape also sits nicely in both hands. These chawans are accompanied by a paperboard box for storage.

Please note that each item is exquisitely hand-crafted and unique so the shipped pieces may not exactly match the photo.  


Care Instructions:

  • Hand-wash only
  • Do not use a harsh scrubber.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher or microwave.

Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Japanese Matcha Bowl
  • Diameter 4.75", Height 3.25"
  • Made in Japan

Product Reviews

1 review  |  Write a Review

Beautiful Matcha bowl

I use this bowl for making matcha and love the look and feel of it. It's a beautiful color and really enjoyable to hold it and drink from it. It is somewhat larger than I expected but this doesn't take away from how much I love it.

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