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The Best Tea For Your Retail Shelves

The Sugimoto Tea Company mission is to save the Japanese tea industry by sharing delicious and healthy tea with people all over the world. We believe that delicious Japanese green tea is a way to enrich people’s daily lives, making people healthier and happier.

When Kyohei Sugimoto first arrived in the US over a decade ago, he was shocked to see the lack of good Japanese green tea options available to consumers. So store by store, demo by demo, he built up Sugimoto Tea Company and introduced his family’s delicious tea to people first in the greater Seattle area, and then beyond.

To make our teas more accessible by everyone, we’ve created several lines of retail ready teas to fit store shelves.


Why Stock Sugimoto Teas?


Our teas are authentic Japanese green teas, made by the Sugimoto family. We’ve been making green tea for three generations in Shizuoka, Japan.


Health and Wellness

Japanese green tea is incredibly healthy, and matcha has reigned supreme as one of the most popular superfoods for years now, with no signs of slowing down. People love it as a coffee-alternative and for its vibrant green color.

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More Than Just a Drink

Culinary matcha can be used in more than just drinks, it can also be cooked with. People mix matcha into smoothies, enjoy it as a latte, or use it in cookies and more.

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People might start drinking green tea and matcha because it’s healthy, but they continue to purchase the brand that tastes the best. Many of our customers love our teas and have enjoyed them regularly for years.

In-Store Support

We offer educational demos to show your customers how to best enjoy our teas. We know there’s a bit of an educational curve for customers who’ve never had quality green tea before, that’s why we’re here to support in-store sales by doing demos and other promotions.

Download our retail catalogue here to see what we have available and contact us today to get Sugimoto teas on your shelves:

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