Wholesale Matcha and Other Japanese Green Teas for Businesses

Select the Best Japanese Green Tea for Your Customers

Are you looking to buy wholesale matcha powder with low minimum orders? Do you need the best examples of sencha fukamushi, hojicha, and other delicious Japanese green teas for your tea house? Apply for a wholesale account today with Sugimoto Tea Company to gain access to our catalog of teas at special wholesale prices as well as unique limited edition Japanese green teas available to our wholesale customers only.

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A wholesale account is right for you if you are:

  • Looking for wholesale matcha and other Japanese green teas in amounts of less than 20kg per order
  • A coffee shop, cafe, tea shop, or gift shop looking for high quality specialty teas and matcha
  • A restaurant not already buying through Japanese foodservice distributors

By opening a wholesale account with us you get:

  • Renowned customer service
  • Tea direct from the makers
  • More than 30 wholesale Japanese green teas
  • Multiple grades of wholesale matcha
  • Full portfolio of organic Japanese green teas
  • Limited edition wholesale only tea
  • Fast shipping from our US warehouse
  • Easy to use online wholesale shop
  • And more!
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High Safety Standards

The Sugimoto family has been making delicious Japanese green tea for three generations in Shizuoka, Japan, and is here to help provide you with the best tea for your customers. We built direct relationships with our farmers in order to source the best tea leaves, adhere to high internationally recognized safety standards, and gained organic certification in order to provide you and your customers with delicious and healthy tea that they will love.

the freshest tea

The Freshest Tea

At our headquarters in Japan we nitrogen flush and vacuum seal our teas when they’re made to keep them as fresh as possible before shipping them to our US office in Redmond, WA. Here, we keep our wholesale matcha and other teas in refrigeration until you’re ready to receive them and provide free deliveries to local businesses around the greater Seattle area.

we care

We Care

Our mission is to help save the struggling Japanese tea industry by sharing these delicious teas to people from all over the world. We believe that tea is a way to improve people’s lives. This means that we care about your customers just as much as you do and want to help your business succeed.


Expert Guidance

As Japanese green tea experts, we’re more than happy to share all of our knowledge with you so that you can provide the best information about matcha, sencha, and more, to your own customers. If you ever have any questions, just email or call us and we’ll get back to you right away.

ready to grow

Ready for When You Grow

Getting ready to scale up and need more than 10kg of matcha or 20kg of other teas at a time? Need help with creating your own line of tea bags or pre-packaged loose leaf teas? We can provide you with a bulk supply of Japanese green tea as well as private labeling services to support you as your business continues to grow.

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