Hojicha, the Unexpected Iced Coffee Alternative

by Sugimoto Tea Company
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Hojicha, the Unexpected Iced Coffee Alternative

When thinking about cold brewed tea, the first Japanese tea that may come to mind is mugicha, or barley tea. It’s hands-down the most popular summer tea in Japan with a distinctive grassy taste that’s almost better chilled. Umami rich and refreshing sencha cold brew may come to mind next, or perhaps even the nutty taste of a nice cool glass of genmaicha. For most tea drinkers, hojicha might be the last Japanese tea to come to mind when they’re deciding what to cold brew for the next day. However, it makes for a delicious cold brew and can be a great alternative to iced coffee in the morning or a good afternoon pick me up.

Looking for Something Roas-tea?

Hojicha is a roasted green tea known for its robust flavor that develops during the roasting process, much like in coffee beans. If you love the roasted flavor of coffee and are looking into the switch to tea, this could be the drink for you. It still has the qualities of coffee but offers the benefits of drinking tea. It doesn’t need to just be brewed either! If you’re more of a latte person, try hojicha powder with your favorite milk or enjoy our hojicha latte mix for a sweeter treat.

No Afternoon Crash

While hojicha contains caffeine, it’s less than half the amount of caffeine that you would find in a cup of coffee on average when brewed with hot water. When cold brewed, the process extracts less caffeine than traditional brewing. Cold Brew Hojicha is an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to caffeine, but still want a morning pick-me-up, or those who are trying to cut down on their daily caffeine intake but don’t want to switch to decaf.

So if you’re a coffee lover who’s been trying to take the plunge into the world of tea, try hojicha! Whether it be a nice cool glass of cold brew in the summer, or a warm and toasty cup in the fall or winter, you’ll find the comforting roasted taste you love about coffee, without all the side effects of caffeine. Give it a try!

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