Enrich Sencha Loose Leaf

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Origin:Shizuoka, Japan


Enrich your life with Japan’s most traditional loose leaf green tea; sencha.

Our award-winning, signature sencha is steamed in the Fukamushi, or "deep-steamed" style characteristic of southern Shizuoka, and then finished with a high roasting; the specialty of the Sugimoto family. The high heat finishing roast brings out a rich aroma and lingering umami finish that is consistent even after multiple steepings.

Enjoy the Sugimoto family’s best-selling sencha in a resealable foil pouch that will be kept fresh for months of enjoyment. 

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Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 12 oz (350 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 30-60 sec
Icon of Thermometer 175 °F

Cold Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 12 oz (350 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 10 min
Icon of Thermometer Ice water


  • Deep Steamed Green Tea
  • Net Weight: 3.5 oz (100g)
  • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in resealable foil bag

Product Reviews

13 reviews  |  Write a Review

Simple Green Tea

Such a great daily driver of a tea, wonderful and simple. Very rich in umami flavors, as well as very herbal.

Enrich Sencha Loose Leaf Tea from Sugimoto: A Flavorful Delight

I am very impressed with this tea, and very pleased to see it offered in a smaller portion but large enough to really get to know this tea. The aroma was a deep vegetal decent, reminiscent of steamed vegetables, with a subtle nutty undertone. The flavor profile was impressive with a balance of sweetness and umami and a distinct grassy taste that was not too overpowering. The finish was smooth with just a hint of astringency that gave it a pleasant mouthfeel and brought a nice balance to the tea. Overall, I was impressed with this tea's complexity of flavors and quality. It's a great choice for green tea enthusiasts looking for a well-rounded taste experience.

Fantastic for price

This is some of the best green tea I've had. It's grassy, vegetal, nutty, and a hint of sweet and not bitter at all. It's also a great value.

Best of 3 I bought, this beat out the others that cost 50% more, very impressed.

Preference is subjective, I know, so I ill not name drop. But I will say this..... I have drank this variety of Japanese green tea for a very long time and have tried many different varieties. So I was on the hunt for some good and not too expensive Japanese green tea. I bought this item, and two other ones. This one was 10ish dollars, the other 2 were 16ish. Kind of expensive for the amount you get...... but interestingly, this one was far superior in concentration, taste, and value $. I only use a little bit to make a thermos. It is vividly green. I nearly always overdo it because the small amount I put seems like it would not be enough. The other varieties I was putting almost double for the same strength. All three were the same consistency as far as how much the leaves were ground (so it was not a surface area thing). So I decided today to order two more of these. Very happy with this brand. Every time I drink it I am like wow this is good green tea. I think most people that appreciate that special flavor from good Japanese green tea will be impressed with this, especially for the money. I have had almost as good for less money, but it was hard to find most of the places I have lived. And those other brands I recently had that cost 50% more just could not compete IMO.

Five Stars

Excellent quality. Grassy, vibrant. Also good enough for up to 4 infusions. Highly recommended.

Great tea!

Amazing flavor and color! Resealable bag is really nice to retain freshness.

Poor mans delicacy

Save this for a day you want to spoil yourself. It is pricey for the quality, but higher in quality. Not the best you ever had, but worth the buy. I suggest buying 4 bags to keep you set for the month if this is your only stash.

A great loose green tea for your money

This is now my go-to loose green tea. A couple of punches in my tea strainer is all it takes for a flavorful up of green tea. Great value. I switched from the big name producer of loose green tea and have found this brand to be every bit as fresh and flavorful


Tiene un sabor delicado y exquisito. Un precio excelente para la calidad que posee. Invita a una ceremonia de té, aunque no sea matcha.

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