Loose Leaf Gift Set

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Give the gift of Japanese teas to someone you love, or enjoy them as a special treat for yourself. This loose leaf gift set comes with the four teas in our Enrich line: Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha and Kukicha. Experience and enjoy the spectrum of Japanese green teas.

This set contains: ENRICH Loose Leaf Sencha, Hojicha, Matcha Genmaicha, and Kukicha.

*Each tea in this set is caffeinated.


Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Set of four loose leaf teas as follows
  • Enrich Sencha Loose Leaf 3.5 oz (100g)
  • Enrich Hojicha Loose Leaf 2.0 oz (57g)
  • Enrich Matcha Genmaicha Loose Leaf 3.5 oz (100g)
  • Enrich Kukicha Loose Leaf 3.0 oz (86g)
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