Shirotake Chashaku

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Origin:Takayama, Nara, Japan


Bamboo scoop made from shirotake (white bamboo). The chashaku is traditionally used to measure matcha for serving and is an integral part of the Japanese tea ceremony. One moderate scoop of matcha is roughly 1/2 of a gram. Generally, two scoops are used for one serving (1g) of the ceremony.

Unlike chasen, there is no designation for chashaku by different schools. It is usually chosen by preference of the tea master. 

Please note that each item is exquisitely hand-crafted and unique so the shipped pieces may not exactly match the photo. This item comes in a Japanese paper box.

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Care Instructions:

  • Never get the chashaku wet (may result in matcha getting soaked into the pores of the bamboo, and it will never come out)
  • Wipe with a dry cloth after use

Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Takayama Chashaku
  • Bamboo: White
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