Shirotake Chasen, Enshu School

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Origin:Takayama, Nara, Japan


Formal bamboo whisk made from shirotake (white bamboo) for the Enshu school (遠州流). The prongs are straight in the middle with a slight curve toward the tip, and each prong is shaved large and thick. This chasen is made from slightly larger bamboo, and the prongs number roughly 54. The biggest difference between this style of chasen and others is that the end of strings are hidden inside of the bamboo. It represents Enshu’s “Kirei Sabi (or Elegant Simplicity)” philosophy.

This chasen is crafted by Komakichi Kubo and his family. Please note that each item is exquisitely hand-crafted and unique so the shipped pieces may not exactly match the photo. This item comes in an original paper box from Komakichi. 

Read more about Komakichi Kubo.

Recommended: Before every use, please soak the prongs in warm water for 5 minutes to soften the tips.


Care Instructions:

1. Gently pull the chasen out of the paper box. If any paper remains, soak the handle in lukewarm water for 15 minutes and brush gently with a clean dish towel.

2. Before using your chasen for the first time, soak the whisk in hot water for 10-15 minutes to unfurl the tips.

3. Afterwards, before each use, soak the chasen in hot water for 1-2 minutes before whisking to soften the tines.

4. After making matcha, rinse the chasen in clean water to remove excess matcha and dry it in a well-ventilated place.

5. Avoid use of detergents. NOT dishwasher-safe.

6. To keep your chasen in the best condition for as long as possible, use a kusenaoshi once dry to preserve the shape of the chasen tines.


Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Takayama Chasen
  • Made by Komakichi Kubo
  • Tea School: Enshu
  • Bamboo: White
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