Single-Cultivar Sencha Haru Midori

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Origin:Kagoshima, Japan


Haru Midori, meaning “spring green”, was named after the vibrant green color of its leaves during the first harvest.  Born from a cross between our two previous cultivar releases, Yabukita and Kanaya Midori, this cultivar is incredibly well-suited for sencha production due to its high-yield and resistance to frost. The leaves are a rich forest green which roll into an elegant needle shaped, and the brewed liquor is a clear, spring green. It has a medium umami and light astringency with notes of chrysanthemum and muskmelon. In the Japanese tea world, it’s said to have an aroma reminiscent of Chinese teas.

Grown in Kagoshima at an elevation of nearly 1,000 feet, our Haru Midori benefits from the region’s mineral-rich volcanic soil. Being grown at a high elevation and surrounded only by other tea fields ensures minimal impact from human activity and no agrochemical drift from other farms. The temperature fluctuations between day and night further contribute to this tea’s distinctive characteristics, resulting in a robust aroma. Our Haru Midori in particular has a sweet aroma, reminiscent of brown sugar, with hints of pepper and yomogi daifuku, a Japanese sweet commonly consumed in the spring. This delightful tea serves as a refreshing precursor to the spring season.


Hot Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 5g (2 tsp)
Icon of Water Droplet 6 oz (180 ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 60-90 sec
Icon of Thermometer 175 °F

Cold Brew Preparation

Icon of Tea Leaf 2 tsp (5g)
Icon of Water Droplet 10 oz (300ml)
Icon of Stopwatch 10-15 min
Icon of Thermometer Ice Water


  • Limited Edition
  • Net Weight: 1.76 oz (50g)
  • Season: Spring Harvest 2023
  • Style: Chumushi (Medium-Steamed)
  • Aroma: Sweet (brown sugar), hay, pepper, hit of yomogi daifuku
  • Flavor: Medium umami, no bitterness, mild astringency, notes of chrysanthemum, musk melon
  • Body: Light
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