An Open Letter Commemorating 75 Years

by Sugimoto Tea Company
Sugimoto Tea News

Today we mark 75 years since Sugimoto Sencha Company was founded. This company was born out of turmoil and uncertainty. Our Grandfather, Zenichi Sugimoto delivered his teas in Shizuoka prefecture by bicycle in post war Japan. His passion for tea was something he took upon himself to parlay into a career that would not only help his family, but his entire community. With little standing infrastructure and a political environment riddled with fear and apprehension, a young Zenichi Sugimoto mounted his bicycle every morning and persevered.

In those 75 year so much has happened in the world. Sugimoto Tea witnessed the ending of the greatest war the world had ever seen. We were a company going strong when commercial flight was in its infancy. We saw the birth of Rock and Roll in the 50’s. We stood in solidarity for the Birmingham riots and Dr. Martin Luther King's speech in Washington D.C. We saw Wall Street crash in the 80’s and again in 2008. We cried together on September 11th, 2001.

Our company has been witness to some of the greatest acts of humanity and innovation that have ever occurred. We believe in unity and have experienced the power it has. We consider our own history in reference to the history of the world. So many great changes and steps into the unknown. We have watched our family grow. We smiled at our children and grandchildren taking their first wobbly steps. We dream fondly of family vacations that left lasting memories. We’ve had sunny day weddings and raucous birthday celebrations. We see our company through a lens of emotion and experiences, not spreadsheets and accounting reports. Perhaps it is the fact we are not truly a company, we are a family.

As our company expanded along with our own family we have been so privileged to include you, our customers into the Sugimoto family as well. Our mission for the last 75 years would have been a fool's errand if it was not for all of you. You make us who we are. You define our past and ensure our future.

We are in this together. We heard you loud and clear when you told us that what you value most about our tea is the authenticity. As a family, we don’t know of any other way than to be 100% authentic to you and to ourselves. You hold us accountable to always bring the best version of ourselves to work every single day.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for these last 75 years of excellence. Our hearts are warmed by all of you who treasure the hard work and blind dedication of our Grandfather. Let’s all enjoy a cup of tea together today as a family, and look forward to the next 75 years.

Respectfully Yours,

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