Kuro Chasen Kusenaoshi

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A Kusenaoshi helps maintain the proper shape of your chasen and protects the fine bamboo tines from breaking. You can use it for storing and displaying your chasen. Unlike other kusenaoshi, this is a stoneware kusenaoshi that is heavier to keep it from being lifted when removing the whisk. 

Due to the natural properties of the glaze, each piece is unique and some range from more black to a very dark brown.

Care Instructions: Handwash only. NOT dishwasher-safe. Made in Japan


Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Dark Brown-Black Matcha Whisk Holder

Product Reviews

1 review  |  Write a Review

Great product

I got this for my whisk because it was loosing shape and I did not know that this existed. I am glad I discovered it here and now the whisk is in shape again! Indispensable for Matcha tea or latte making. I got one as a gift for a friend too. Plus I received a nice card, recipes, and some free samples. I loved opening my package. Amazing service! Thank you!

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