Japanese Green Tea Basics Sampler Set

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Origin:Shizuoka, Japan


This is a sampler set.

Curious about Japanese green tea, but don't know where to start? Enjoy all four of our classic signature teas to discover what your new favorite tea will be. This set includes 20g loose leaf samples of our four signature teas (Value $14).



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Cold Brew Preparation


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1 review  |  Write a Review

Green Tea Basics Sampler Set

This set is a unique and affordable introduction to green tea varieties. I have yet to find a sample set elsewhere that contains both Hojicha and Kukicha. I was amazed at how comparing these 4 teas side by side helped me to pick up on different flavors and nuances that would have been missed had I drank each on separate occasions; thus, this well curated sample set provided me with an affordable option to expand my palate. These are quality teas, and I appreciate that SugiMoto provides plenty of tea in each sample - If I include the number of resteeps I did for each tea type I easily brewed 35+ cups of tea from the 4 samples (when brewing gongfu style).

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