Tsubame Metalware

Home of Japan's Metalware

Today we are proud to introduce you to Tsubame City, a manufacturing community located in the center of Niigata Prefecture. This area is actually an unofficial partnership of two cities Tsubame and Sanjo. Given their small populations and the fact they sit side by side, the area, just like its train station, is referred to as Tsubame-Sanjo. This area is where some of the finest teaware and tableware in the world is produced. Sugimoto Tea is now offering exquisite pieces from this Mecca of Japanese craftsmanship.

Unparalleled Flatware Craftsmanship

A visit to the workshop where Tsubame’s handcrafted spoons are produced is certainly an eye opening experience. Flywheels spin noisily, rounded hammers chattering down with relentless force against the stainless steel as artisans create unique wares. Their artistry is completely unchanged from when it was introduced to the area many generations ago. Artisanal metalworking dates back over 400 hundred years in Tsubame. During the Edo period, Tsubame City’s craftsmen started producing metal nails that can still be found in every corner of Japan today.

Bring Authenticity Home

Our Tsubame utensils all feature what is known as tsuchime finish. This beautiful, handcrafted detailing is a result of the hammering techniques used in the production of these utensils. Each piece features the unique pattern of the person who crafted it, so you can really tell that they’re handcrafted with lots of care and attention. Additionally, the hammered divots are functional. They help keep food from sticking by creating air pockets that help with easy release. If you're looking for functional and beautiful objects to keep in your kitchen, our Tsubame collection is definitely worth taking a look at.

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