It’s officially summer now. The sun is pounding down on us, it’s hot out and inside the air conditioners are cranked up to the max. Maybe you have the sound of cicadas buzzing away outside your window. In Japan it’s hot and muggy and too hot to drink a hot cup of tea. After work you come home and need a treat to perk you up and congratulate you for your hard work. Or maybe it’s after dinner and you need a little sweetness.

You could have an iced tea, maybe with some sugar, but you want something better than that. Something cold and creamy, but still somehow with the matcha taste you know and love.

It's easy to make a matcha affogato that will be a visual delight with creamy swirls of green matcha and vanilla ice creamHow about a Matcha Affogato?

Affogatos are an Italian treat traditionally made with vanilla ice cream or gelato and then “drowned” with a shot of espresso. But did you know that you can make an affogato with matcha too?

The Matcha Affogato is a delicious and classy treat that will delight you and impress all your friends. The rich umami taste of the matcha perfectly complements the creamy taste and texture of vanilla ice cream. As you drizzle on the hot matcha it melts a little of the ice cream and creates delightful swirls of vibrant green and creamy white.

And it’s very easy to make!


  1. 1 tbsp matcha – use Sugimoto America Organic Daily Matcha or Organic Ceremonial Matcha for an even creamier and more umami experience
  2. 1/3 cup hot water
  3. 2 big scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream or gelato

All you have to do is make essentially Koicha (thick tea) with the matcha and then drizzle that on top of your ice cream. Koicha is made by mixing a lower ratio of water to tea, making more of a thick matcha that’s almost a weak paste consistency instead of Usucha (thin tea) that is normally made with a high ratio of water to tea. While you still want a high enough temperature to get some of those creamy swirls, you don’t want to burn your matcha, so it’s best to only use around 175F/80C water. If you aren’t sure how hot that is and only really have boiling water available, just wait a minute for the 1/3 cup of hot water to cool off. Since it’s such a low volume of water it should cool off enough very quickly.


  1. Put matcha into your tea bowl
  2. Pour in the hot water and whisk the matcha with a chasen until it’s mixed (no need to get a froth going)
  3. Put your ice cream scoops into the bowl of your choice
  4. Pour the matcha out on top of the ice cream
  5. Enjoy!

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We always love hearing from you, so let us know how it went. You can always tag us on Instagram @Sugimoto_America to show us your amazing pictures.

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