9 Holiday Matcha Cookie Recipes

Photo by Buenosia Carol

Did you know that in Japan, only red and white are considered Christmas holiday colors? But in the US, things are spiced up a little more with the addition of green as a holiday color! This means that matcha cookies become an instant festive treat that’s sure to delight your friends and add a pop of color to your Santa cookie offering.

To help you out, we’ve searched the internet for you to find the following 9 delicious holiday matcha cookie recipes! And with our Organic Daily Matcha, you can be sure that you’re adding quality and safe matcha to all your holiday cooking. (Hurry now, our Daily Matcha is on sale for Black Friday Weekend for 20% off until 11/26/2018!)

  1. Matcha Sugar Cookies
  2. Matcha Christmas Tree Cookies
  3. Matcha Green White Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. Matcha Almond Cookies
  5. Matcha Snickerdoodles
  6. Triple Ginger Matcha Cookies
  7. Matcha Shortbread Cookies
  8. Matcha Crinkle Cookies – (Bonus:  Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies!)
  9. VEGAN SPECIAL: Jasmine Matcha Snowball Cookies

And extra bonus, don’t forget our own Sea Salt and Matcha Butter Cookies with Chocolate Filling! Plus you can matchafy any cookie recipe by adding a delicious Matcha Glaze.

Tell us on social media what your favorite matcha cookie recipe is and share pictures of how your cookies turned out!

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