Sugimoto Reserve Tea Master’s Collection

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This is a set of: Mizuki Matcha, Homare Sencha & Shizuku Gyokuro

Bring out your best teaware! You have a reason to celebrate. Experience the nuance and complexity of Japan's most highly regarded teas: Ceremonial Matcha, Gyokuro and top grade Sencha. Made by our tea master, the Ultimate Tea Lover's Collection is our pride & joy. Stop time. It's tea bliss.

Wrapping Notation: Sugimoto Reserve gift sets are wrapped in a black and white paper design with washi paper over it (as pictured). These wrappings cannot be chosen or customized.


Ume Musubi Mizuhiki Plum Blossom (decorative) paper cord knot

Our gift sets are decorated with the Japanese traditional paper cord knot called Mizuhiki. These ornamental "decorations" are more than just aesthetically pleasing.

Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese craft that not only embellishes gifts, but acts as a way to express the gift giver's feelings toward the recipient. This is how Ume Musubi utilizes color, knot type, and symbolism to physically convey the strong, joyous bond that we share with close friends. The colors reflect ume, Japanese plum trees, that have auspicious red and white colored flowers which bloom and bring joy during the transition between spring and winter, while the knot is known for being strong and difficult to undo once tied. Perfect for a dear friend or appreciated by oneself, we hope that you enjoy this example of Japanese handicraft.


Hot Brew Preparation

Cold Brew Preparation


  • Set of three teas (Matcha, Sencha, and Gyokuro)
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