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From brewing guides to health benefits, matcha recipes, and more, our blog answers all your questions on Japanese green tea.

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Green Tea Donuts Recipe

by Sugimoto Tea Company

Mildly sweet and deliciously crispy, these donuts have a strong tea flavor that shines through and pairs well with freshly brewed tea. Here's how to make these gre...

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Emerald Seas Matcha Butter Recipe

by Sugimoto Tea Company

Rich in flavor and visually stunning, the matcha in this ´╗┐Emerald Seas Matcha Butter Recipe adds extra depth and creaminess to the butter sauce in this dish, creat...

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Three Teas Umami Seasoning Recipe

by Sugimoto Tea Company

Featuring hojicha, sencha, and genmaicha, this seasoning can be used in savory dishes like salmon or as a roasted cauliflower rub. Here's how to make it.

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Recipes, Matcha, Drinking & Eating, Seasonings & Sauces

Rich and Savory Matcha Mayo Recipe

by Sugimoto Tea Company

With its bright green hue and strong umami profile, this rich and savory matcha mayo elevates dishes such as fried chicken or artisanal sandwiches to a new level.

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